Engine Services

Engine Diagnostics

With our dealer level diagnostic computer, oscilloscope, rolling road facilities and a great deal of experience (BMW trained and nearly 200 years combined) we are able to diagnose the majority of problems in a short period of time.

We also have in our armoury of diagnostic equipment a new smoke machine, not the disco/party type, but an automotive tool that we couple up to the engine, induction system, exhaust etc and in no time at all we are able to visibly see if you have an air leak of some description. This may sound a bit overkill and unnecessary, as the old method (and currently used by many garages), was to spray a combustible fluid over the inlet track; if there was an air leak then the engine note and speed would change; thus indicating a leak. The problem with this method on the current generation and onwards of BMWs is that the engine�s management systems tend to compensate so fast that only the largest of air leaks can be found by this method. Usually an air leak this large can be audible as a loud hiss. Quite often a car will come in to us with the engine fault light on. The diagnostic report will say something like, �Lambda correction out of range, running too lean�. This is generally caused by a very slight air leak over a period of time which can only be pinpointed with a smoke machine.

Please contact us to book your BMW in for a diagnostic

Engine Lights On

BMW Service Engine Soon or Check Engine light on? Come to our BMW Service Center to have your BMW light scanned. Avoid possible damage to your BMW by taking advantage of this service.

There are many reasons why your BMW 'Check Engine' or 'Service Engine Soon' light can come on. It can be as simple as the gas cap being loose or something more serious. Regardless, it is important that you have this checked any time it comes on. We currently offer a 'Check Engine' light scan service in order to make it quick an affordable to assist BMW owners. No appointment is needed to have us check your BMW. Make sure that you have your 'Check Engine' or 'Service Engine Soon' light checked shortly after it appears to insure no damage is caused to your BMW. If you have any questions about your BMW Check Engine light or Service Engine Soon light feel free to give us a call on 800 836.