BMW Transmission Repair

BMW transmission repair can be very complicated and many repair shops won't attempt it because of the level of difficulty. We provide top quality transmission repairs in order to keep your luxury vehicle running optimally for as long as possible. Potential problems can have a variety of sources and causes. The result being your vehicle grinds to a halt. Fluids, leaks, mechanical failure, sensors and or controls could all be part of your transmission problems and if you do not act immediately you can cause further damage to you car or SUV. Whether you drive a sporty M3 or a more family friendly X5, our technicians will keep your transmission working for years to come.

And if the transmission in you BMW isn't your only concern, we also service and repair rear differentials, transfer cases, and transaxles.

Have Your BMW Transmission Checked if

  • Leaking Transmission Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid Is Burnt or Murky
  • Check Engine Light Is On
  • Transmission Or Clutch Is Slipping
  • Transmission Grinds While Shifting
  • Car Makes A Jerking Movement Or Engine Seems To Be Surging
  • Vehicle Does Not Move
  • Leaking Transmission Fluid