Self Levelling Susp inactive warning light is on

What is Self Leveling Suspension

Keep on the level even when you're towing a heavy load: Self-levelling suspension adjusts the height of your vehicle's rear axle for better driving dynamics and safety.

Carrying heavy luggage or towing a trailer can cause a vehicle's tail to sink downwards. BMW's self-levelling suspension system counteracts with problematic tendency by inflating pneumatic cylinders integrated in the rear axle assembly that lift the chassis higher. Pneumatic pressure is maintained by auxiliary compressors which are electrically operated. The compressors run independently of the engine and can be adjusted individually if required - for example, when carrying an uneven load. Maintaining a steady chassis level is essential to your BMW's dynamic handling. Towing or transporting heavy loads can lead to uneven tyre wear. Furthermore, oncoming drivers can be blinded by the upwardly-tilted headlight beam. BMW self-levelling suspension eliminates these dangers.

Most of the time the light will go after the reset, if the suspension is leaking you may need to replace it.

How to improve your suspension

Never lower your vehicle too much! This is possibly the biggest no no. Lowering looks great and can considerably enhance a vehicle’s cornering ability but going too low is damaging to both handling and safety. Going too low can cause bumpsteer, in which the tie rods and control arms are moving in different arcs. This results in the wheels steering themselves with no input. Each time a car is so low that the suspension bottoms under cornering loads, the end of the car that bottoms out will violently slide. Super low guys are convinced that they are driving racing cars but if you see them on the race track they will really struggle achieve a competitive time. So mount good quality springs such as Eibach, H&R or Ground Control.

Get the suspension aligned and optimize the tire pressures.

Alignment and tire pressures can produce a massive difference, in the cars handling. It does not cost a lot of money to achieve major advances in the cars performance simply by configuring the tire pressures and setting up the car’s alignment. By increasing front negative camber, front tire pressure and reducing the rear camber to 0 degrees, you should instantly feel a huge improvement in handling. Find a local shop that does racing alignments near your home. Car alignment, should be completed with your weight in the drivers seat and the technician bouncing the vehicle after each little adjustment to settle the suspension. Set the tire pressures prior to getting an alignment. Remember that after lowering any vehicle the the suspension must also be realigned.

What TEM can do?

In most cases TEM will replace the suspenion itself, depends on the diagonostic. To make the car in the same level on both sides TEM recomends to chage the both suspenions. In some cases we may need to change some related parts also, for detailed information call us on 800 836